West Jasper Place


West Jasper Place, a residential neighbourhood in west Edmonton, was originally part of the Town of Jasper Place. It received its name in 1964, when Jasper Place became part of Edmonton. Many homes in West Jasper Place date back to the post-World War II housing boom; a significant amount were added during the neighbourhood’s redevelopment in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Over half the dwellings in West Jasper Place are low-rise apartments. Detached single-family homes account for about a third more, with the rest composed of duplexes, row houses and high-rise apartment buildings. The neighbourhood is relatively mobile, with less than half of the residents able to report having lived in the area for five or more years. Close to 70 percent of West Jasper’s Places dwellings are renter-occupied.

The neighbourhood extends from 95th Avenue in the south to Stony Plain Road in the north, with 156th and 149th Streets comprising its western and eastern boundaries.

This conveniently-located community offers residents easy access to the West Edmonton Mall by car or bus. The Jasper Gates Shopping Centre, located at the neighbourhood’s north end, provides opportunities for local marketing.

West Jasper Place is home to the public Sherwood Elementary School, and to Arthur Elliot Park — a pleasant green space – as well. The community is also enriched by the presence of MacEwan University’s Centre for the Arts and Communications on 156th Street. The Centre offers a variety of creative programs including design, theatre production, fine art and jazz.

Nearby Amenities:

Designated Schools:

  • Sherwood Elementary School
  • Centre for the Arts (part of the Macewan University)


  • Bella Foodland
  • Chef Tony Dim sum and Chinese Cuisine
  • Hollywood Pizza


  • Safeway Jasper Gates
  • Jasper Gates Plaza
  • Jasper Place Square (Shopping Mall)

Entertainment and Things to Do:

  • Arthur Elliot Park(Green Space)
  • Jasper Place Bowl
  • West Jasper Place Playground




Link to the West Jasper Place Community League