As with the rest of Kaskitayo neighborhoods, Skyrattler is named for an important native leader; in this case, Chief Skyrattler, who led Winterburn the year Edmonton attained city status. Skyrattler was annexed to the city in 1974, with large-scale development beginning in the same decade. Development continued throughout the 1980s and was almost entirely complete by 1990.

Skyrattler is bounded on the north by 23 Avenue, on the east by 111 Street, and on the west and south west by Blackmud Creek.

There is an approximate 50/50 split between owner and renter-occupied dwellings but Skyrattler has mostly low-rise apartments and only 16% single detached houses, as well as a few row houses and semi-detached homes.

It is a vibrant, young neighborhood with a higher than average, (over 25%) number of residents that are in their 20s.

Skyrattler also has quite a mobile population: 56% of residents report having recently moved from elsewhere (in the city, province, Canada, or even abroad). Many are attracted to the neighborhood because of the generous access to the trails and recreation available in Blackmud Creek Ravine.

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