The Community of Sherwood is located on Edmonton’s west end. It is an old community with the majority of homes being built prior to 1960. Sherwood was part of the town of Jasper Place, and became a part of Edmonton when Jasper Place joined the City of Edmonton. The community is quite small with a population of roughly 550 people on 198 households.

The population of Sherwood is relatively young, with 59% of households having children and with a median age of 39 years old. In addition, the population is primarily english speaking, with many small groups of minority populations. The the largest being Filipino. Below is a list of things that the community of Sherwood has to offer!

Sherwood Community League


Sherwood & Nearby Amenities:

  • Meadowlark Health and Shopping Centre
  • My Daycare
  • Rehab & Retreat Senior Care Specialists
  • Public Transit
  • RBC
  • TD
  • Safeway

Sherwood & Nearby Restaurants:

  • Tim Horton’s
  • Brewsters
  • Taco Bell

Parks & Green Space:

  • Sherwood Community Park