Sherwood Park

Live in Sherwood Park!

Sherwood Park is a large hamlet east of Edmonton and is located within the larger geographical area of Strathcona County. Strathcona County contains the urban centre of Sherwood Park as well as many surrounding rural communities under its government, thus the status of hamlet as opposed to city. The community sits at Edmonton’s Eastern boundary and is located directly south of the Yellowhead Highway.

Sherwood Park was originally named Campbelltown and was established in 1953 with the first homes being available in the year 1955.  The hamlet was created as a satellite community to house employees of the Refinery Row Industrial area. The population currently stands at 68,782 and boasts a very high standard of living with the average income sitting at $109,770 – this is $33,000 over the national average.  Homes are varied throughout the community and range from apartment buildings and town homes to large estates , the average home price here is $452,000. 

“The Park,” as it is sometimes known, has become a  very desirable place to live for people wanting the feel of small city living but with the convenience of Edmonton nearby. Residents in Sherwood Park rate their community highly for its safe neighbourhoods, excellent recreation facilities and green space, well reputed schools, and high-quality police and ambulance services. The high satisfaction of living is strongly evidenced by the large number of  people born and raised in Sherwood Park who are now raising their own families here.

Nearby Amenities:


  • Elk Island Public School System operates many schools within the hamlet and rural area
  • Elk Island Catholic School System also operates many schools within the hamlet and area. 
  • 2 LOGOS Christian Schools and one Christian private elementary/high school
  • 2 French immersion schools


  • State and Main
  • Vicky’s Bistro Wine Bar
  • Pasta Pantry
  • The Sawmill
  • Branches Fresh Food Experience
  • Sumo Sumo Sushi Bar and Grill


  • Sherwood Park Mall
  • Emerald Hills Outdoor Shopping Complex
  • Costco
  • Canadian Tire
  • Michael’s Craft Store and many, many more

Entertainment and Things to Do:

  • Cineplex Theatre
  • Elk Island National Park nearby
  • Strathcona Wilderness Centre
  • Millenium Place Recreation Complex
  • New , state of the art public library

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