Named for the original owner of the Ritchie Mill and former mayor of the City of Strathcona, Ritchie is bounded on the north by Whyte Avenue, on the south by 72 Avenue, and on the east by the Mill Creek Ravine; the west boundary, south of 79 Avenue runs along 100 Street. North of 79 Avenue, the west boundary runs along 101 Street and 102 Street. Whyte Avenue provides good access to the University of Alberta. 99 Street, which passes through the neighbourhood, provides good access to the downtown core.

There are three schools in Ritchie. Mill Creek Elementary School and Ritchie Junior High School are both operated by the Edmonton Public School System. The third school is the independently operated Reach Out To School On Whyte.

The most common type of residence in the neighbourhood is the single-family dwelling. These account for 60% of the residences in the neighbourhood. Another 32% are rented apartments and apartment style condominiums in low-rise buildings with fewer than five stories. Most of the remaining residences are just duplexes and row houses. Just over half of the residences are owner-occupied while the remaining 45% are rented.

Nearby Amenities:

Designated Schools:

  • Strathcona school(Grade 10-12)
  • Hazeldean school (Grade K-6)
  • Allendale school (Grade 7-9)


  • DaDeO
  • Meat


  • Southgate Centre


Entertainmment and things to do:

  • Gateway Entertainment Centre




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