Queen Alexandra


Queen Alexandra, a mixed commercial and residential neighbourhood in southwestern Edmonton, used to be part of the city of Strathcona. The northern edge of the community along Whyte Avenue is still considered part of Old Strathcona, an important cultural and historical part of the city. The neighbourhood was named to honour Queen Alexandria, wife of King Edward VII.

Most of the architecture of the northern part of the neighbourhood pre-dates World War I; the southern part of the neighbourhood was developed in the housing boom following World War II. Only one in eight buildings in Queen Alexandria was constructed after 1980.

This bustling community lies within easy walking distance of the University of Alberta; unsurprisingly, the population is demographically young and mobile. Four out of five residences are renter-occupied, and one out of every three residents has moved within the past year.

Many of the housing units in the area are rental apartments, with over 60 percent of these consisting of high-rises. About a third of the homes are detached single-family homes.

Queen Alexander is bounded by Whyte Avenue to the north and by 109th Street, 104th Street and 67th Avenue on the west, east and south. The presence of an LRT station makes it possible to commute to the university within minutes.

There are no less than five different schools – four public, and one operated by the Edmonton Catholic School System – in the neighbourhood. In addition to having access to four recreational facilities, residents can enjoy Mill Creek Ravine, a popular site for picnics and hikes.

Community League


Queen Alexandra School

Queen Alexandra Elementary School/Springhill Community Preschool

Strathcona Composite High School

Strathcona High School

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary Junior High School


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