Prince Charles


Originally known as North Inglewood, in 1953 the existing elementary school was renamed in honour of HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. The name was adopted by the commercial league who petitioned to formally apply the name to the neighbourhood now known as Prince Charles.

The residential housing stock in Prince Charles is varied and spans approximately one hundred years of development. Homes built before World War II sit next to new homes built in the 2000s.

Prince Charles Park is located in the centre of the neighbourhood and Prince Charles Elementary School is located in the neighbourhood’s northwest corner.

Prince Charles is bounded on the north by the Yellowhead Trail, on the west by 127 Street, on the east by 121 Street, and on the south by 118 Avenue. At the south east corner of the neighbourhood, 118 Avenue turns south east and becomes Kingway Avenue.

Travel down Kingsway Avenue provides access to shopping at Kingsway Mall, to health services at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and to shopping and services in the downtown core.

The most common type of residence is the single-family dwelling and 79% of all residences fall under this category and only 17% are duplexes. Two out of every three residences are owner-occupied with one out of three residences being rented.

There is a single school in the neighbourhood, Prince Charles Elementary School, operated by the Edmonton Public School System.

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