Situated between 51st and 61st Avenues, and between 111 Street and Calgary Trail, Pleasantview is a neighborhood rich in history. The portion of Pleasantview that is situated east of 106 Street has been a part of Edmonton since 1914. The remaining portion didn’t actually become part of the city until the end of World War II. As part of a payment of debt to overseas service, the prairie land was subdivided into generous half-acre lots and sold to returning veterans under the Veteran’s Land Act. Just under half of this neighborhood is comprised of single detached homes, while apartments buildings both under and over 5 stories makes up the other half, making a small portion row housing. With Southgate Mall and LRT access immediately South of Pleasantview, the ease of mobility and shopping are undeniable and proximity to the U of A makes it easy to call this neighborhood home for students and faculty alike. A notable mention is how the community attained its name. Before 1950 it was known as Martin Estate, however after the urban sub-divisions were created, the view atop of the hill in Caine Memorial Park inspired a name change to Pleasantview.

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