Ozerna is part of the north Edmonton Lake District, and hence its aquatic-themed name. “Ozerna” is Ukrainian for “lake area” and is the name of a small town in the Ukraine. Ozerna is bounded by the Mayliewan neighborhood to the west, the Schonsee neighbourhood across 167 Avenue to the north, the Matt-Berry neighbourhood across 66 Street to the east, and the Kilkenny neighborhood across 153 Avenue to the south.

Construction began in the late 1980s and has continued at a steady pace to the present day. The neighborhood is mostly made up of single-detached homes, some low-rises, semi-detached homes and row houses. There are a lot of children living in Ozerna and over 30% of residents are under 20. Sadly there is no local school in the neighborhood just yet, but an area has been reserved for one to be built soon.

Over 80% of Ozerna is owner-occupied and there is a pretty stormwater lake in the northwest corner of the neighborhood, in addition to a centrally located park with nice recreational areas for families.

As with Mayliewan to the west, Ozerna is home to a large east and southeast Asian community which make up approximately 20% of residents in the area.

Community League


St John Bosco Catholic School


CK Dental

Papa John’s Pizza