The neighborhood of Overlanders was named in honor of a group of miners who set out from Fort Garry, Manitoba for the Cariboo Creeks of British Columbia in 1862, hoping to strike it rich during the gold rush. Some of them stopped in Edmonton and decided to settle here.

Overlanders is bounded on the east by Victoria Trail, on the south by Yellowhead Trail, and on the north by Kennedale Ravine. To the south of Hermitage Road, the western boundary is approximately half a block west of 11 Avenue. North of Hermitage Road, the western boundary follows Hooke Road and Homestead Crescent.

Part of the area was settled by the Reverend Canon William Newton and referred to by him as the Hermitage area. Development began here in the 1970s, and over 40% of residences in the neighborhood date to back to this decade. Overlanders is a mix of single-detached homes, row houses and low-rise apartments. Residences are 69% renter-occupied. The neighborhood has a higher than average number of residents in their 20s and 30s and they are quite mobile. Over 64% of them report having only moved to Overlanders recently.

Nearby access to the famous River Vallely via Kennendale ravine on the north side of Overlanders means a place for dog lovers to enjoy off leash areas and a variety of walking trails to explore.

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