Northmount is bounded by the Griesbach neighborhood across 97 Street to the west, the Evansdale neighbourhood across 144 Avenue to the north, the Kildare neighbourhood across 82 Street to the east, and the Glengarry neighborhood across 137 Avenue to the south. It is a mix of single-detached homes and row houses. The presence of Dickensfield Extended Care Hospital pushes the average neighborhood age up, and approximately 30% of residents are over the age of 60. Northmount is an established neighborhood and has over 80% owner occupation, 70% of which are non-movers, having been living there for over 5 years.

Development of Northmount began in the 1960s and was mostly completed by 1980. There are three schools in the neighborhood, many parks and an active community league making it an attractive potential area to live for active families.

Nearby North Town Centre and Northgate Mall both provide access to commercial amenities, physicians and medical services as well as a variety of small businesses. This is also a transit hub and offers great connections for the rest of the city.

Starbucks, Boston Pizza and Shoppers Drug Mart are just a few of the popular chains with locations in the area.

Community League


Evansdale School

Major General Griesbach School

JA Fife School



Boston Pizza

Shoppers Drug Mart

London Drugs