The neighborhood of Montrose bears a remarkably romantic name for an Edmonton neighborhood. It is named for the Marquis of Montrose, a 17th century Scottish soldier. But technically, the neighborhood is named for Montrose Elementary School, which opened in the neighborhood in 1951. Around 68% of the Montrose’s development was completed prior to 1960.

Bounded on the north by the Yellowhead Trail, on the west by the Canadian National Railway right-of-way and the north east line of the Edmonton Transit System’s LRT line, on the south by 118 Avenue (Alberta Avenue) and on the east by 58 Street, Montrose contains Rexall Place, current home of the Edmonton Oilers and Oil Kings – woot woot!

Montrose is an unusual mix of residential and commercial zoning — the west side of the neighborhood is dominated by various commercial zones and the east side by residential ones. Residential units are primarily single-detached homes and low-rise apartments and the neighborhood split fairly evenly between owners and renters.

The Coliseum station offers LRT access to residents to the downtown core and beyond and 118 Avenue now called Alberta Avenue is full of a diverse, cultural mix. The Portuguese Bakery offers delicious custard tarts.

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Montrose School

Newton Elementary School

St Leo Catholic School


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Russ Barnes Arena

City Neon

Portugese American Bakery