Mayliewan is a solidly residential area that is entirely surrounded by other residential neighborhoods, and primarily consisting of single-detached homes on all sides. It is bounded by the Belle Rive neighbourhood across 82 Street to the west, the Schonsee neighborhood across 167 Avenue to the north, the Ozerna neighbourhood to the east, and the Kilkenny neighborhood across 153 Avenue to the south.

As part of the Lake District area of northeast Edmonton, Mayliewan features two attractive storm water lakes. The neighborhood was named after a Cantonese word meaning “beautiful bay” which is fitting as it is home to a large East and Southeast Asian community. (23% of residents are Asian as opposed to the city average of 8%) This is a stable area, with 98% owner occupation. Most of its development began in the late 1980s, but Mayliewan’s largest period of development was during 2001 to 2006 when the majority of its single-detached homes were constructed.

Mayliewan is near many lovely parks, plus has convenient access to a primary school. This is a wonderful neighborhood for children to grow up in and with 30% of residents under the age of 20, the community is growing together.

Community League


St John Bosco Catholic School

School of Hope

Edmonton Christian School

Florence Hallock School


CK Dental


Sunny Beach Pool

Swiss Donair