Matt Berry


As with all Pilot Sound neighborhoods in Edmonton, Matt-Berry is indeed named after a pilot. In this case Arthur Massey “Matt” Berry, a veteran of both world wars and renowned bush pilot. Matt-Berry is bounded on the south by 153 Avenue, on the north by 167 Avenue, on the west by 66 Street, and on the east by 59A Street.

As a new neighborhood, the majority of its development took place in the early mid-90s and it is almost entirely made up of single-family homes, which are almost all owner-occupied. With such a high rate of ownership in Matt-Berry, it is not surprising that it is considered to be one of Edmonton’s north side’s most prosperous areas, and over 45% of households are earning over 100K per year. It is also home to a large Asian community.

Matt-Berry has quite a few parks for public recreation with the largest being almost 10 hectares! It is these scenic parks that continue to attract families looking to raise their children in an inviting neighborhood. Around 60% of households in Matt-Berry are married couples with children.

Community League


Dr. Donald Massey Elementary Junior-High School

St John Bosco Catholic School

Florence Hallock Elementary-Junior High School

JA Fife School


Baconko Travels


Buster’s Donair and Pizza

Shoppers Drug Mart

Tim Hortons