Kirkness was named after James Kirkness, a Hudson’s Bay Company employee who settled in the area in 1866. The neighborhood is bounded on the west by the Canadian National Railway right-of-way, on the east by Victoria Trail, on the south by 144 Avenue and on the north by 153 Avenue. Both avenues as well as Victoria Trail act as main arterials to connect residents to other ends of Edmonton’s north side.

As with much of Clareview, development began in the 1970s, and 44% of neighborhood’s buildings predate 1985. However, the neighborhood experienced a surge of development in the 2000’s boom as well, and 23% of buildings were constructed between 2000 and 2006.

Made up of predominantly single-detached homes and low-rise apartments, Kirkness lies just north of the Clareview LRT station, which connects it to the rest of the city easily. Kirkness School serves the area educationally.

A local landmark in Kirkness is James A. Christianson Park, which was named after a local businessman who sponsored the Oil Kings and Mercurys Hockey Clubs. The latter won a Gold Medal in the 1952 Winter Olympics, two years before he passed away.


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