Bounded on the north by 132 Avenue, on the east by 82 Street, on the south by 127 Avenue, and on the west by 97 Street, Killarney is named after the town in Ireland of the same name. Killarney comes from the Gaelic “Cill Airne” which means “Church of the Sloes” (sloes are a fruit related to plums).

This neighborhood’s land has been part of the city since 1913, and some parts of Killarney were subdivided even before then for development. Most of the area though, was subdivided in the 1950s and the neighborhood’s biggest expansion came in the 1960s when almost 40% of its buildings were built.

Killarney is a somewhat older than average neighborhood with approximately 20% of residents over the age of 60. It is a fairly mobile neighborhood as over 60% of residents are renters, with only 57% of the population having moved there only recently.

Offering a wide variety of housing styles, the most prominent in Killarney are single-detached homes, followed by semi-detached, low-rises and row houses. There are four schools in the region: a public elementary, junior high and senior high, plus a Catholic elementary school.

Community League


St Matthew Catholic School

Mee-Yah-Noh School

Queen Elizabeth High School

St Cecilia Junior High School

Archbishop O’leary High School


ATB Financial

The Canadian Brewhouse

Sou Kawaii Zen Lounge

Szechuan Restaurant

Toys R Us