Like Kilkenny to its immediate north, and nearby Londonderry Mall, Kildare is named after a town in Ireland. The name “Kildare” comes from the Gaelic “Cill Dara” meaning “Church of the Oak”.

Bounded on the south by 137 Avenue, on the west by 82 Street, on the north by 144 Avenue and on the east by 66 Street, Kildare is also home to St. Michael’s cemetery in the southwest corner, which takes up almost a quarter of the neighborhood’s total area. Between St. Michael’s and Londonderry, only 45% of the area is zoned for residential use. Development of the Kildare area began back in the 1960s and was largely completed by 1980.

There is a single school in the area, Kildare Elementary School.

Kildare is a mix of various housing styles ranging from single detached and row houses to high and low-rise apartment buildings and duplexes. The area offers close proximity to both Londonderry Mall and Northgate Center, both which offer fantastic transit connections and convenient shopping. With 15% of residents over 70, conveniently located physicians and medical centres are well appreciated amenities

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