James Kernohan was a local Edmontonian who ran a friendly, neighborhood grocery store in the area now named after him, from 1884-1899. The neighborhood of Kernohan is bounded on the west by Victoria Trail and on the north by 137 Avenue. To the east lies the North Saskatchewan River valley and to the south, Kernohan overlooks Kennedale Ravine.

As is common with much of the Clareview area, most of Kernohan was developed in the midst of the 1970s oil boom, after the approval of the Clareview Development Plan. It is mostly made up of single-detached homes and row houses with a very high rate of home ownership; almost 90%.

Perhaps related to its being a very well established neighborhood, approximately 70% of Kernohan residents have lived in the area for at least two years. Kernohan is educationally served by Anne Fitzgerald Catholic School. Dog lovers enjoy the close Hermitage Off Leash Park, along the river, and families can benefit from Kernohan Park that runs parallel to Victoria Trail.

Shenanigan’s Pub and Grill is one of a few local watering holes that can be found in Kernohan.

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