Inglewood, a residential neighbourhood in northwest Edmonton, can trace its beginnings back to the advent of the electric street car. The area – more than likely named after a neighbourhood in Calgary — has been known as Inglewood since 1905. But it wasn’t until 1913, and the construction of a street car line on 124th Street, that residential development began in earnest.

Originally designed to be a low-density area, Inglewood underwent significant development and growth in the construction boom following World War II, with close to four fifth of its current housing built in the 35 years following the war. By 1990, redevelopment was virtually complete.

Although the electric street car no longer exists, Inglewood still stands, and is home to over 6,000 residents. The architectural profile of the neighbourhood is mixed, with over half of the buildings consisting of low-rise apartments. About a fifth are detached, single-family homes; row houses and high-rise apartments are all present.

The percentage of renters in Inglewood is relatively high at 80 percent. Smaller households predominate, with over half of them consisting of a lone resident. Inglewood contains a larger-than-average number of both youthful residents in their 20s and senior citizens over 70.

Inglewood contains four different educational institutions. Inglewood Elementary School and Westmount Junior High are public schools, while the Edmonton Catholic School System runs Saint Andrew Catholic School. The neighbourhood is also home to Norwood Chinese School, Westmount Shopping Centre and the Inglewood Community League, which offers free neighbourhood programs and sponsors a spring community


Inglewood is defined by 119th Avenue to the north, 111th Avenue to the south, Groat Road on the west and a former Canadian National Railway right-of-way on the east.

Community League


Inglewood Elementary School


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