The neighbourhood name was likely derived from “idyll,” which refers to a short poem describing a simple country life. This seems apt as Idylwylde features two parks, two schools and several religious assemblies. The neighbourhood is within an accessible distance to the Mill Creek Ravine located west of the adjacent Bonnie Boon neighbourhood. Fun fact: it is one of only two communities in Edmonton to start with the letter “I”.

Just over half of the residences in the neighbourhood were built between the end of World War II and 1960. Another 23% were built between1961 and 1980. There has been some recent residential construction in the neighbourhood but only one in every ten residences once built in the 1990s.

Just over half the residences in the neighbourhood, about 56% are single-family dwellings and the rest are apartments and apartment-style condominiums. Three out of four apartments are in low-rise buildings with fewer than five stories, with the remainder being in buildings with five or more stories. The remaining 4% of residences are duplexes. Just over half of residences (56%) are owner-occupied, with the remaining residences being rented.

Community League


Avonmore School

Waverly Elementary School

Clara Tyner Elementary School


Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre

Red Diamond House

Pizza Hut