All the neighborhoods in the area of Pilot Sound are named after known aviators. The neighborhood of Hollick-Kenyon takes its name from Herbert Hollick-Kenyon, a veteran of the First World War who later became famous for a flight across Antarctica. Mr. Hollick-Kenyon also has a plateau in Antarctica named in his honour. His airplane, The Polar Star, now sits on display in the Smithsonian museum in Washington, DC.

Hollick-Kenyon is considered a relatively newer neighborhood, with a development plan that was approved in the early 1990s and has continued at a steady pace since. The majority of homes in the area are single detached homes, with some low-rises and duplexes. But basically everyone in Hollick-Kenyon owns their home, based on a 99% ownership rate.

Hollick-Kenyon is bounded on the north by 167 Avenue, on the south by 153 Avenue, on the west by 59A Street, and on the east by 50 Street. The area was planned around a central park and school site, although the school has yet to be built. Residents in the area are hopeful it will be built soon, as there is a higher than average number of children per capita in Hollick-Kenyon; the figure seems to be growing steadily. With 54% of resident households being married couples with children, it is one of the best areas in Edmonton for budding families looking to forge a long-term home.

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