Henderson Estates


Henderson Estates, a residential neighbourhood in southwest Edmonton, derives its name from Thomas Henderson, a prominent 19th-century settler and landowner in the Riverbend area. Development on the area started in the 1980’s and was completed by the end of the century.

With household incomes hovering between two and three times the city average, Henderson Estates is a prosperous community. Like much of southwestern Edmonton, this family-oriented neighbourhood is home to a sizable Asian community, with roughly one out of five residents claiming Asian descent. Homes in this exclusive neighbourhood are primarily detached, single-family houses occupied by owners, with a small number of row houses and semi-detached homes present as well. The neighbourhood is well-established, with four fifth of the residents classified as “non-movers.” Households tend to be larger than average, with over 60 percent of them containing three or more members.

Shaped in a rough north-to-south rectangle, Henderson Estates is demarcated on the north by Rabbit Hill Road and on the east by Riverbend Road. The southern boundary is a presently undeveloped strip of land adjacent to 29th Avenue; the west boundary is formed by the picturesque North Saskatchewan River Valley. Henderson Park, located on Riverbend Road, is both the geographical and recreational center of the area. The Ridge Community League offers a large roster of athletic and community programs, including a summer skateboard park and a bike safety class.

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