Greenfield is bounded on the east by 111 Street, the west by 119 Street, on the north by 40 Avenue, and on the south by 34 Avenue. Often called Petrolia, the Petrolia Shopping Centre is a nod to this name for the area. It was named after Herbert Greenfield, who was a Premier of Alberta from 1921 to 1925.

The neighborhood was mostly developed in the 1960s and around 70% of structures still standing in Greenfield are from that decade. With 92% owner occupation, the area is dominated by single-detached homes and only a few semi-detached and low-rise apartments. It is a demographically older and more established community with 70% of residents having lived there for over five years and around 24% being over the age of 60.

Greenfield offers residents good access to the commercial amenities of Southgate Mall which was recently renovated. A freshly installed LRT station at Southgate allows for a quick commute to the University of Alberta campus and downtown city core.

JA Werner and WE Werner Parks along the 34 Avenue border as well as Greenfield School are great areas to take the kids out to play.

Community League


Greenfield School

St Stanislaus Catholic School

St Boniface

Richard Secord School


Grub Med Greek Ristorante

Aspen Pizza and Donair

Soho Master Hair Stylists

Petrolia Mall