Grandview Heights


Nestled within a parkland setting, Grandview Heights is cozied up between the North Saskatchewan River from the North, Whitemud Creek Ravine to the west, and the U of A farms from the East and South. Accessed from 122 Street, this neighborhood nestles approximately 340 homes that are seemingly secluded from the rest of Edmonton despite its central location within the city.

This is due to the fact that Grandview Heights has no adjacent neighborhoods and is instead surrounded by parks. Of the 340 homes, the majority of the houses are bungalow styled, single family dwellings, built in the 1960’s and accompanied by large, spacious yards typical with homes built in that era. There are a handful of properties that are apartment buildings, no larger than 5 stories tall.

Grandview Heights boasts a close knit community that organizes programs such as “Tot Time” and other family based activities that utilize the rink and surrounding natural lay of the land. Whether it is running, hiking, or taking your dog out on the farm, Grandview Heights is a wonderful place to raise your family.


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