Offering plentiful shopping opportunities with exciting merchants such as T&T, Glengarry residents can also take advantage of the great transit connections with access to the Edmonton Transit Centre at Northgate Mall.

Bounded on the north by 137 Avenue, on the south by 132 Avenue, on the east by 82 Street and on the west by 97 Street, Glengarry has an older average resident with 30% being over the age of 60. It is, however, a very established neighborhood and 70% of residents have lived there for several years or more which explains the higher than average rate of home ownership, approximately 72%.

Most homes in Glengarry, around 67%, were built in the 1960s and the area has many different housing types varying from single, detached homes and row houses to low-rises, which remain the most common.

Located centrally within the neighborhood is Glengarry Park, offering a fantastic recreational space and public pool. Glengarry indoor arena is also nearby and offers public skating and shinny hockey.

The city’s new LED installations have been completed in the Glengarry area providing safer, brighter and more cost-efficient lighting on the neighborhood’s roadways.

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