Named for H.M. Evans, mayor of Edmonton in 1918, Evansdale is a vibrant neighborhood bounded by 97 Street and the Griesbach area to the west, the Eaux Claires and Belle Rive neighborhoods across 153 Avenue to the north, Kilkenny neighborhood across 82 Street to the east and the Northmount neighborhood across 144 Avenue to the south. It was annexed to the city in 1961 and over 50% of the current buildings in the area were built in the 1970s.

Evansdale has more children per capita than is typical for the rest of the city and over 30% of the neighborhood’s residents are under 20. As such, access to educational facilities is generous including Evansdale Primary School and two other Catholic schools, a primary and a junior high.

With 60% of single, detached homes, low-rises and row houses being owned, Evansdale also has larger households than average, with 3 people or more living in each home. It only makes sense that Evansdale boasts an active community league that offers many recreational activities for families.

The neighborhood also has a small commercial area and is in close proximity to both Northtown Centre and Northgate Mall.

Community League


Evansdale School

Cardinal Leger Catholic School

St. Phillip School

Dickinsfield School


Northgate Mall


Jox Sports Bar and Grill