Dunluce is located in the Castle Downs area of north Edmonton. It is named for a castle in Northern Ireland and is bounded by 127 Street on the west, Castle Downs Road on the east, 167 Avenue on the north, 112 Street on the north east, and 153 Avenue on the south.

The Castle Downs Recreation Centre is located at the south east corner of the neighbourhood. There are two schools in the neighbourhood: Dunluce Elementary School operated by the Edmonton Public School System and St. Lucy Catholic Elementary School operated by the Edmonton Catholic School System. The Dunluce Community Hall resembles a castle at the front doors.

Most of the residential construction in the neighbourhood occurred during the 1970s and early 1980s and approximately half of the residences are single-family dwellings. Another 19% are rented dwellings followed by row houses and duplexes. There are even some mobile homes in Dunluce, about 5% of all buildings. Almost two out of three residences are owner occupied with the remainder being rented.

The Dunluce Community League started when four citizens (later to be known as the Warwick Residents Association) expressed their concern over the planned development of a mobile home park situated between 153 Avenue and 160 Avenue, east of 127 Street. They wanted to have some input into the design, construction and maintenance of the Park to better integrate it into the Dunluce community.

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Dunluce School

Mary Butterworth School

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St Timothy Catholic School

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