Carter Crest



Carter Crest, a relatively new residential neighbourhood in the southwestern part of the city, owes its name to Robert Carter, an influential farmer and politician in Edmonton in the early 20th century. The neighbourhood was constructed on agricultural land in the 1990’s, and consists primarily of detached single-family homes, with some row houses and semi-detached units also in evidence.

Homes in this family-oriented area are almost exclusively occupied by owners, with almost two-thirds of the households consisting of married couples with children. Carter Crest has a sizable Asian community, with 15 percent of the residents claiming East Asian and Southeast-Asian descent.

The neighbourhood is roughly triangular, with the southern boundary delineated by a utility corridor running just north of 29th Avenue. The northwestern side of the neighborhood is marked by Terwilliger Drive, while the northeastern side is bounded by Rabbit Hill Road. Carter Crest is adjacent to the neighbourhoods of Rhatigan Ridge, Ogilvie Ridge and Bulyea Heights.

Residents of Carter Crest enjoy close proximity to the amenities of Riverbend Square, a shopping centre located at Rabbit Hill Road and Terwilliger Drive. The centre contains the Riverbend branch of the Edmonton Public Library System, as well as a supermarket, dental clinic and assorted restaurants for casual dining.

Nearby Amenities:

Designated Schools:

  • River Bend School(Grade 7 – 9)
  • George H. Luck School(Grade K – 6)
  • Liilian Osborne School(Grade 10-12)


  • Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill


  • Terwillegar Heights

Things to do:

  • Edmonton Public Library





Link to Carter Crest Community League