Calder, an older residential neighbourhood in the northwestern part of the city, was originally known as the Village of West Edmonton. Originally settled by workers for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. the community grew on land owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company surrounding the rail line’s shunt yards and repair shops.

West Edmonton began as a village in 1910 after undergoing a year of rapid development. In 1917, it officially became part of the City of Edmonton. By 1920, the community had become almost universally known as Calder.

Although the last hundred years have ushered in significant redevelopment for Calder, more than 10 percent of its buildings were constructed before World War II. About half of its presently-standing buildings went up within 15 years after the war.

A little more than half of the buildings are detached single-family homes, with another fifth consisting of semi-detached homes. Yet another fifth is made up of row houses and low-rise apartments. Over half of the homes in Calder are occupied by their owners. The area has a substantial Aboriginal community, with 15 percent of Calder inhabitants claiming Aboriginal descent.

Calder’s boundaries are established by 127th Street on the west and 113A Street on the east. Southern Calder begins at 127th Avenue, with 132nd Avenue defining the northern edge. A small area between 124th and 127th Streets and north of the Canadian National rail line is also classified as part of Calder.

The Calder area is home to two different schools: Calder Elementary, a public school, and St. Edmund Catholic Elementary Junior High School. Neighbourhood residents enjoy easy access to The Calder Branch of the Edmonton Public Library, a valuable resource in the community. The library offers a variety of free programs and events, including puppet shows, movie screenings and book clubs.


Nearby Amenities:

Designated Schools:

  • Calder School(K-6)
  • Rosslyn School(7-9)
  • Ross Sheppard(10-12)


  • Best Kabab
  • Istanbul Kebab and Donair
  • All Hours Pizza & Donair


  • Giant Tiger
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Dollar Tree

Things to do:

  • Bronx Bowl
  • Grand Trunk Fitness and Leisure Centre
  • Calder Skating Rink




Link to Calder Community League