Named for Baturyn Castle in the Ukraine, this neighborhood has over 70% single-detached homes with 84% of them owner occupied. This is a neighborhood with community and roots and 87% of residents are classified as “non-movers.” About 80% of the houses in this area date back to the 1970’s when the majority of Baturyn’s development took place.

Baturyn is bounded by approximately 173rd Avenue to the north, 97th Street to the east, Castle Downs Road to the south, and 112th Street to the west and has two elementary schools. One is public and one is Catholic and both are located by a park in the centre of the neighborhood. In the northeast corner of the area is Harry Farmer Park, named after the founder of Edmonton Boys’ Choir which began in 1958.

67% of residents in this neighborhood are classified as “non-movers” choosing to call this neighborhood home indefinitely. Who wouldn’t? With easy access to 97 Street, north-south commuting is made easy and ideal for those working in downtown. With its internal curvi-linear road network, Baturyn has a layout of loops and cul-de-sacs designed to provide residents privacy and a buffer from the busier streets that border the neighborhood.


Designated Schools:

  • Baturyn School
  • Mary Butterworth School
  • Queen Elizabeth School


  • Eddie’s Donair & Pizza
  • Pho Hoan Pasteur


  • Walmart
  • Save on foods

Things to do:

  • Castle Downs Park
  • Beaumaris Lake



Link to Baturyn Community League