Located in Edmonton’s north side as part of the Castle Downs area, Baranow is bounded by 153rd Avenue to the north, 137th Avenue to the south, and 127th Street to the west. There is a power transmission right-of-way corridor on its east border. It is a newer neighborhood, with over 85% of residents having only recently moved to the area.

One of 11 neighborhoods in the Castle Downs area named after a famous castle, Baranow is named for a 17th century castle in southern Poland.

It is interesting because the vast majority of the land in Baranow is not zoned for residential use, and so most of this neighborhood consists of commercial, industrial and public utilities zoning. The majority of the residential areas that are in Baranow are mostly low-rise apartments. This higher number of smaller units means smaller households with over 40% of buildings in the area being single-resident and a mere 4% having more than 4 people.

Baranow’s border neighborhood to the west does have two ponds and scenic park areas and St. Timothy’s Elementary School is nearby in the border neighborhood to the east. Baranow has great restaurants in the nearby Kensington commercial complex, grocery stores and pharmacies all in close and convenient proximit

Nearby Ammenits:

Designated Schools:

  • Kensington School (Grade K-6)
  • Rosslyn School (Grade 7-9)
  • Queen Elizabeth School(Grade 10-12)


  • Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar

  • Boston Pizza


  • Palisades Shopping Centre

Entertainmment and things to do:

  • Gateway Entertainment Centre




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