The Athlone neighbourhood, located in northwest Edmonton, was named in honor of Sir Alexander Cambridge, the Earl of Athlone, who served as Governor General of Canada from 1940 to 1946.

Almost half of the homes in this well-established residential neighbourhood were built between 1945 and 1960. Another 30 percent, however, were constructed during redevelopment in the 1990’s. The majority of Athlone’s houses are owner-occupied, single-family detached homes, with the remainder consisting of row houses, semi-detached units, duplexes, and low-rise apartments.

Schools are well-represented in Athlone. The neighborhood boasts two public schools, Athlone Elementary School and Wellington Junior High School, as well as a Catholic school, Sir John Thompson Catholic Junior High School.

Athlone is an irregularly-shaped neighbourhood, with precise but complicated boundaries. The boundary on the east, 127th Street, is clear-cut enough, and the southern perimeter, half a block south of 127th Street, is also straightforward. However, 135th Street divides the northern boundary into two parts. To the east, it is 132nd Avenue. To the west of 135th Street, the boundary runs half a block south of 132nd Avenue. Similarly, the western boundary of Athlone is bisected by 130th Avenue. North of 130th Avenue, the western boundary lies half a block west of 139th Street. South of 130th Avenue, the neighbourhood ends half a block west of 138th Street. Making the delineation even more confusing is the fact that some residents classify the western part of Athlone as a sort of neighborhood-within-a-neighborhood, Dunvegan.

A vital center for neighbourhood activities, the Athlone Community League, is located

on 129th St NW. The league provides youth sports programs, sponsors cleanup events, and offers educational programs and playgroups.


Designated Schools:

  • Athlone School
  • Rosslyn School
  • Ross Sheppard School


  • Arby’s
  • Roman Steak & Pizza
  • Coco Deep Fried Chicken


  • Westmount Shopping Centre
  • North Town Centre
  • Northgate Centre

Things to do:

  • TELUS World of Science
  • Alberta Aviation Museum
  • Borden Park




Link To Athlone Community League