A northeast neighborhood with strong working class roots, Abbottsfield was part of the town of Beverly until the latter’s amalgamation with Edmonton in 1961. It was mostly undeveloped until the 1970s, although it was home to the Cloverbar coal mine, which was the area’s largest and met a significant portion of Edmonton’s coal demands until its closure in 1970. Development was initially hampered by concerns about the proximity of the nearby Beverly landfill, but it was carefully cleared and transformed into the beautiful Rundle Park. Once the landfill was gone residential construction boomed in the area and, unusually for the time, consisted almost entirely of row houses and walk-up apartment complexes, with very few single-family detached dwellings. More than two thirds of the area’s residential units date to this period of construction.

Abbottsfield is bordered by 34 Street to the west, the Saskatchewan River Valley to the east, the Yellowhead corridor to the north and 118 avenue to the south. Proximity to both the cultural treasures of 118 Avenue and to the River Valley, as well as its excellent recreation facility, make this neighborhood an increasingly popular choice for young couples.

Designated Schools:

  • Abbott School
  • Eastglen school
  • Ivor dent school

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  • Jay Bee’s
  • Boston Pizza
  • Pizza Hut



  • Safeway
  • No Frills
  • Save on foods

Things to do:

  • Rundle park Golf course
  • Royal Alberta Museum
  • GTFO Escape Entertainment