What do you know about buying in today’s market?

Are you considering buying in today’s real estate market? With the economy and low interest rates and ever changing rules for mortgage lending, this is an informative webinar that will talk about the things you need to know when buying a home in today’s market.

On May 18, 7:30PM, We will have an interactive session with polls and chats to find out what YOU want to know so we can answer all your questions. Topics we will cover include:
1. Current real estate market and forecasts
2. House prices
3. How to write the best offer to get the best deal
4. Changes to the mortgage approval process
5. Changes to purchasing a home

This will be an interactive webinar with polls and chats

Register below with your email and join us 10 min before the webinar in the chat and you can ask any questions you might have even before we start!


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