Thinking of Moving to Alberta, Canada?! Top 5 Reasons You Should Make the Move!!

Are you considering moving to Alberta, Canada? Alberta is a beautiful western Canadian province full of amazing reasons why you should live here!

Today Melody Wilson, Edmonton realtor with the ReLife team powered by Real Broker, gives her top 5 reasons why moving to Alberta is a great choice! There are many more reasons why Alberta is amazing, so make sure to comment below with your reasons why too!


Melody Wilson is an Edmonton Realtor® with the reLIFE team powered by Real Broker, and a happily married Mom to 3 great kids! Melody and her gang like to explore Edmonton, always checking out current events, festivals, museums, playgrounds, and restaurants! (Check out our Edmonton food blog!)

Melody loves all things Edmonton, including the real estate market – she’s been a realtor basically all her life, growing up in the industry and officially licensed since 2009 (loving it so much it’s her full time job) and is thankful to work with great clients when buying or selling in Edmonton!

In the past 5 years she’s helped over 400 families buy and sell in Edmonton and area.

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