Things To Do: July 29-August 1

Are you looking for something to do this long weekend? Check out our top picks!

Servus Heritage Festival (Hawrelake Park): July 30-August 1

Come down to Heritage Days and experience tastes from around the world. There will be cultural entertainment, food & displays of different ways of life from around the world! There will be 66 pavillions representing over 85 different nations! There is no cost of admission; however Food Bank donations are encouraged, and food tickets are $25/25 Tickets!

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K-Days (Northlands): Last Day is July 31 

This is the last weekend to take in K-Days, check out last week’s blog post for details on costs and schedules!

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YEG Pokemon Go Kickoff (Legistlature): July 30 @ 10:00am

Pokemon trainers of Edmonton have a chance to get together and spend the day having fun and catching Pokemon. Lures will be set up around the legislature.

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