Well, I’ll be honest with you. As I was shopping and picking things up I seriously questioned what I got myself into.

But then when the set up came I questioned it even more hahah. The thought of starting up an Air bnb came from trying to figure out how to make our rental property more profitable. The rent we were getting from it wasn’t making it worthwhile. In theory this seemed like a good idea.

So fast forward to Monday, Curtis had taken the day off from finishing our basement he is currently working on to help me with setting up the townhouse.

There was a vast list and we spent 12 hours and still didn’t finish everything.

The first thing we did was set up all the furniture, and because we bought it from IKEA there was alot to build. We did some laundry so the sheets would be newly washed and put all the items into the kitchen and figured out what was left to buy yet. After a full day and going to bed at midnight we returned the next day to finish everything since the photographer was coming that afternoon. Scurried around and setup the beds, got the staging done and it was now ready for photos. We were STILL doing the laundry that day so it was a bit hectic.

One tip is to bring a marker and mark all the sheets to know what size they are especially when you have all white sheets. We have been recommended to use white because you can bleach if needed and people are attracted to clean, crisp white sheets and white towels vs colored sheets and towels.

We took the effort to make sure we had little items to stage it, so that the home feels homey and its attractive for photos, therefore being inviting to stay at.


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