Staging your Home for a Holiday Sale…

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Selling your home  in winter definitely has its challenges but as Melody showed us in last week’s article, listing a home for a Christmas sale can actually have some major advantages. The first benefit to a Holiday sale that Melody discussed was the ability to use the season to create a magical ambience .  The magic of the season can  work to your advantage as home buyers will likely fall in love with your house quite easily.  Here we have provided some basic guidelines on how best to decorate your home for a Holiday sale while keeping potential buyers in mind.

  • Choose a festive colour scheme as the main element through your home decor and use it in each room,  tying the whole house together.
  • Be sure to fully decorate the family room to make it cozy and welcoming for buyers.
  • Add in little extras that increase the ambience like cinnamon on the stove or christmas cookies set out on a plate
  • If you have a fireplace, be sure to have it lit and operating while buyers are touring your home.
  • Don’t neglect your exterior decor, add in outdoor lights to brighten the home and welcome buyers in the dark winter months.

Stay tuned during the coming weeks for more details on how to achieve a Holiday sale and other useful tips for listing your home at Christmas! Contact Melody Wilson at 780-945-7821 to get your home on the market  for the Christmas season

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