Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Well, after all the planning I spent 4 hours on Saturday, 4 hours on Sunday and another 2 hours on Monday shopping and picking things. Note: I knew I was still missing items but knew I just needed to get the majority of things.

We went to IKEA, Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart, Homesense and Home Depot (and did also go to Goodwill afterwards too for a great score on coffee mugs!)Having a list before you go is helpful, but having where you are going to get them assists you even more. It took me awhile because I also was trying to find the best price for items. If I picked up a Keurig for example at Canadian Tire I made sure I checked the price out at Walmart to see if I needed to do a return/price match.

There were things I was able to take from our home that we didn’t need anymore that would work at the townhouse.

Shopping was definitely more overwhelming and more work then I originally thought. At one point I thought, what did I get myself into…and that was only the shopping portion!

Here are my tips to you if you are shopping for an AirBNB

  1. Make a master list of all items, per room of each house
  2. Search online for pricing and put the name of the store you are going to go to for each item
  3. Keep all your reciepts for price matching/refunds
  4. Plan out time to go to each store, if you don’t want to hit everything up on one day make sure to plan enough time to go everywhere you need
  5. Take a truck, take a helping hand (I had my two boys help me which I needed the extra hands to push carts as we filled more than one cart at a a few places)
  6. Be patient with yourself, take breaks (we definitely had a donut break and water break)

Take a look at the next post on the set up of the townhouse!



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