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Here at the ReLife Team we are passionate about not only our beautiful home of Edmonton but also about the local businesses that make Edmonton unique. Today we are featuring local Edmonton magazine – YEG Inspired. 


YEG Inspired is a free Edmonton magazine on motherhood featuring supportive articles and beautiful photography. Founder and publisher Lorraine Stephanyshyn shares with us today a little bit about what her magazine is all about…  YEG Inspired is about encouraging Edmonton families, honouring them, their struggles, and their triumphs; offering a glimpse into real family life and providing support to local Edmonton mothers, writers and businesses. 

The heart and soul of “YEG Inspired” believes that as mothers, it takes not just a village to raise our kids, but we also need to be encouraged, empowered and supported. In each issue, we’ve brought together, local writers and bloggers that share their personal reflections, the challenges and frustrations they have faced along with sharing their successes. YEG Inspired, believes that as women we should lift each other up, fuelled by the ideal that as mothers we are better together, supported by a community and not alone on our own. 

YEG Inspired is currently printed three times a year, November, April and August and is available at local boutiques and cafe’s, such as Bosom Babies, YoMama Maternity, Pamper and Play, and The Woodrack Cafe. You can find out more about them by visiting their website or following them on Facebook.

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