Real Estate Vlog: Fact or Fiction – Spring market is the best time to sell

Join us for today’s real estate vlog post on Fact or Fiction – Spring Market is the best time to sell

Is the spring market the best time to sell?  Today Melody takes us through why the spring market may or may not be the best time for you to sell your house.

The facts in a nutshell

1. It’s better to sell when there’s less inventory, but houses do sell all year round.

2.You need to think about your situation; why you want to sell your house. Do you need to relocate for a job, are you looking to move to a different neighborhood? These and other factors can play in to when you should sell your house.

3.The selling game is a beauty competition.  The Relife team has members that help to make your house look and show its best.

4.You have a better chance to sell if you list before the spring market.

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