Prepare Your Home for a Sale in Edmonton ?

Are you planning to sell your home in Edmonton this year?

I’d like to share with you how you can prepare your home for a successful sale. This is a great time to prepare your home for sale since the weather restricts you from doing too much outside. ❄️

So take advantage and prepare your home inside with these tips!

1. Declutter – start going through EACH room, one room at a time, and take a look at what can be given away, thrown out and kept. I’d highly recommend making a mess before cleaning it, what I mean is take all the items in the one room and put it in a giant pile (yes, I did watch Marie Kondo, and I applied it!). Once you’ve sorted out that then you can reorganize your room because there’s a lot less to have to display and keep clean.

KIDS TOYS – as a Mom, I SHARE your pain, decluttering kids toys is a WHOLE other ball game and could potentially take you a long time. My piece of advice? Do this after your kids have gone to bed and do a small section at a time so that you are able to do this without kids looking on. What you can do is ask them what their absolute favourite toys are so that you can keep those aside. But we all know the kids being too involved in the process of decluttering toys will not make the process easier…or shorter.

I’d also recommend that you take some bins of toys that your kids are growing out of that maybe you want to keep for sentimental sake. That way you know how much storage you’ll need in the new house too.  You can also have bins where you put toys in if you decide to “cycle” them. For example, every 6 months you pull these toys out and put the others away – it’s like Christmas for the kids and keeps them interested in actually playing with their toys. It’s amazing how quickly kids lose interest in their toys too, right?We personally don’t cycle toys, I just eliminated a lot. We kept the wooden train toys and some toys my mother-in-law gave us that my husband played with so we didn’t give them away or sell them. And the beauty of having so little toys is that when friends come over there’s hardly a mess! And just imagine when it’s time to sell your home how easy it will be to clean up after them.

When organizing your kids toys – bins are your friends, this will help get things off the floor quickly too when you have to get it ready for showings.

2. Repaint – make sure when you repaint that you are picking a neutral color that works in your home that ties the colors in but also makes it look more modern. This is going to help modernize your home and make it look brand new, a fresh coat of paint makes a HUGE difference. You may not think your house needs it but unless you’ve painted within the last year you need to repaint to prepare your home for sale. I usually recommend going with the paint color the stager recommends (we provide a home stager for all our seller clients).

3. Make a repair list – Take a list of items in and out of the home that need to be repaired – what are the things that you haven’t completed, maybe baseboards or the lightbulb is out? Make a list for all the items, even out door items so you can work on those once the snow is gone or once its bearable weather wise to do so.

4. Take off your Christmas lights! Did you take your christmas lights off?I have to ask – I see a lot of christmas lights on homes YEAR ROUND, this does not help the sale of your home and I’d highly recommend making sure you do this before putting your house on the real estate market.

These are just 4 tips to prepare your home for sale – if you have any more questions or want a more specific and complete list for your home contact me and I’d be happy to help you! ?

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