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Here at the Relife Team we are passionate about not only our beautiful home of Edmonton but also about the local businesses that make Edmonton unique. Today we are featuring Edmonton calligraphy and stationery business – Justine Ma Design and Hand Lettering. 

Justine Ma is the founder and creator behind all of the amazing products for sale at her stationery business “Justine Ma Design and Hand Lettering”.  Justine Ma has a home based shop where she sells everything online from paper goods to greeting cards, christmas ornaments and wooden banners. Justine has always had a passion for paper products and writing, she fell in love with cursive handwriting and the art of calligraphy as a young girl and today she shares that passion through her many beautiful products as well as calligraphy workshops for beginners.  Be sure to visit Justine’ website to browse her online shop  as well as visit her on Facebook. 

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