Home Building 101: Coventry’s Showhome Experience

What should you expect at Coventry’s showhome? Today, Melody Wilson , Edmonton Realtor with REMAX Elite talks to Darren Rose, Senior Area Sales Manager with Coventry Homes talks about what to expect when you visit Darren at his showhome.

0:50 Needs Assessment: want to find out size of home, area, lifestyle to help find a home fit for you specifically, they do this when you meet with them in the show home

1:46 Take information home to look through all the information, no pressure

2:07 Connect you with a mortgage specialist to work best for you

3:04 Realtor Friendly, make sure to let the sales people know you are working with a Realtor

3:56 Over 80 floor plans plus customizations that you can do to each of them

4:40 Coventry, likes to do minimal upgrades to make sure showhome is not outrageous, they like to finish the basements
**NOTE at time of filming there was a free basement promo, this is valid only until end of Summer 2019

5:42 The truth about Realtor fees and affect on your price

Tune in next when we talk about the process of construction with Coventry

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