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On our quest for the best park for kids by exploring Edmonton playgrounds, the Wilsons check out Kinsmen Park. We love to explore Edmonton and finding fun parks for kids is our mission! Check out what Kade, Seth, and Elise think about Kinsmen Park and how many thumbs it will receive!

Have you been to the Kinsmen Park? It has everything – lots of age appropriate climbing structures, a large field, a spray park, picnic tables, Queen Elizabeth Pool is right there also, and of course it’s located along the Edmonton river valley where there are walking/cycling paths galore!

Unfortunately the giant slides were removed as they were deemed unsafe (even though the kids loved them) But this park still rocks!!

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Look no further and watch this video NOW!


Melody Wilson is an Edmonton Realtor® with RE/MAX Elite, and a happily married Mom to 3 great kids! Melody and her gang like to explore Edmonton, always checking out current events, festivals, museums, playgrounds, and restaurants! (Check out our Edmonton food blog!) Melody loves all things Edmonton, including the real estate market – she’s been a realtor basically all her life, growing up in the industry and officially licensed since 2009 (loving it so much it’s her full time job) and is thankful to work with great clients when buying or selling in Edmonton!

In the past 5 years she’s helped over 400 families buy and sell in Edmonton and area.

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