#Dreamsforsale…Watching the Birds Eat from the Feeders on the Back Deck

#Dreamsforsale…  “We have cherished memories of sitting on the back deck, enjoying the sunset and watching all the birds eating seeds from the bird feeders. It was truly magical!”…sellers of 21806 97A Ave.



The sellers of 21806 97A Ave, were able to have a little slice of heaven on their very own back deck that was surrounded by a large green space with mature trees. Date nights in were more popular than going out for dinner or a movie, and who could blame them with that view?! The back deck provided a little sanctuary for the neighbourhood birds to come make nest in the birdhouses and eat from the feeders. Pairing the joy of seeing all the brightly coloured birds, big and small, fluttering about and experiencing the serenity of watching sunsets is something that the sellers will certainly miss. Making your own birdhouses to attract your own neighbourhood ‘friends’ is so simple and a great DIY starter for this summer. Check out the step-by-step instructions created by ‘Birds & Blooms’ and create yours today! 


This dream can be yours by checking out our listing at 21806 97A Ave and give Melody Wilson a call at 780-945-7821 for more details!

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