#Dreamsforsale…. Unique features in the home

#Dreamsforsale… We loved all the the unique elements in our home that made the house individual and special… sellers of 480057 Range Road 251

The sellers of 480057 Range Road 251 loved their log cabin acreage for more than just the land and coziness of the log home – they loved all of the customized details such as unique window shapes etc. These days so many houses being built are mass produced and one looks no different from the other but there are still a ton of cheap and do-able ways to customize or personalize your home space to make it “your own” . Find a complete list of ideas in this great article at blesser house.com on ” 10 add ways to add charm to your cookie cutter home” 

Find out how this dream can be yours by checking out our listing at 480057 Range Road 251! 

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