#Dreamsforsale – Spending time in the backyard

“We loved spending time in our backyard that backed onto a green space with small playground ” – sellers of 75 Woodhill Lane in Fort Saskatchewan .

The sellers of 75 Woodhill Lane loved their spacious backyard that opened up onto a green space with tree’s and small playground. A nice backyard to spend time in is something most homeowners want in their property and with spring coming – now is the time to start thinking ahead to how to get your yard into tip top shape for an enjoyable summer with family and friends. 

Spring Tips for a Healthy Backyard ( tips are completely courtesy of garden forever.com

  • * Aerate. Heavy use throughout the year can cause soil to become compacted. Removing plugs of sod in the spring — aerating — loosens the soil and lets water, air and fertilizer get down to the grass plant’s root structure. For smaller yards, or for concentrated trouble spots in any size yard, consider using a manual aerating tool that removes plugs from the turf. If you have a large yard, consider renting a power aerator. 
  • * Top dress. After you aerate, spend a few minutes doing what the experts call “top dressing,” spreading a thin layer of peat moss over the lawn with a rake. The top dressing helps to gradually condition the lawn throughout the year, strengthening the grass so it can resist disease, weeds and thatch, and reducing the amount of water and fertilizer it needs.
  • * Weed. Go after weeds early in the season before they have a chance to go to seed. Cultivating a healthy lawn is one of the simplest ways to crowd out weeds. Or, remove dandelions and other broadleaf weeds with an easy-to-use weeder. Ergonomic tools like the Weed Hound have helped make long afternoons spent weeding nothing more than a backbreaking memory. All you do is place the tool over the weed, step lightly on the footrest, and pull the weed up, root and all. 
  • * Fix bare spots. Whether it’s due to disease or dog urine, bare patches can make a yard look shabby. A quick and easy way of improving the look of your yard is to repair the discolored patches, especially in early spring, when the cooler temperatures help the grass grow. Just clear away the dead-looking patches, sprinkle grass seed on the newly exposed soil, add fertilizer, and keep the area moist until it sprouts. 
  • * Remove thatch build-up. Thatch prevents sunlight, oxygen and moisture from getting to the nutrient-hungry soil below. But it’s easy to remove, especially if you do it regularly — every year or two. Just go at the yard with a dethatching rake or power dethatcher to clean away the layer of tangled roots and stems. It takes some elbow grease, but it will help clear the way for new growth. 
  • * Give your tools a spring tune-up. Spend a few minutes in the garage or storage shed making sure your tools are in good working condition — before you need to use them for the first time. Consider taking your lawn mower in for an annual tune-up. The dealer can replace the oil and spark plugs, sharpen the blade, and get it ready for the season.

This dream can be yours too by checking our our listing at 75 Woodhill Lane in Fort Saskatchewan! 


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