#Dreamsforsale…Relaxing in the Soaker Tub

#Dreamsforsale…  “Sitting in the soaker tub after a long day always calmed the mind!”…sellers of 3152 58 Ave, Royal Oaks.




The sellers of  3152 58 Ave, Royal Oaks have a gorgeous en suite connected to their master bedroom. There is tons of natural light and spa-like features which makes it the perfect place to relax. After a long or pressing day, the go-to place to calm the mind and ease the nerves was the soaker tub. Something that added to the relaxation was their homemade bath-bombs! They are simple and easy to make. If you are interested in how to make them then click the link! ‘Muffin Chanel’ has a step-by-step article that is inspired by how Lush creates their bath-bombs. Save some money and become a DIY master! 

This dream can be yours by checking out our listing at 3152 58 Ave, Royal Oaks and give Melody Wilson a call at 780-447-4537 for more details!

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