#Dreamsforsale…Popcorn, Movies and Crackling Fire

#Dreamsforsale…  “Some of our fondest memories at the acreage are getting a big bowl of popcorn, snuggling under the blanket and watching Star Wars all in front of the fire!”… sellers of 41 53122 RR 14, Parkland County. 


The sellers of 41 53122 RR 14, Parkland County are no strangers to relaxing and putting their feet up after a long day. Their favourite place to unwind was the living room with the big plushy couches and fireplace. Date nights were made easy with making a big bowl of popcorn, the ambiance of the fireplace and snuggling in the blankets while watching a movie. Have you ever sat, for what seems like a millennia, scrolling through Netflix and can’t decide on what to watch? Click here to take you to the current Top 50 Netflix Movies, that was easy!


This dream can be yours by checking out our listing at 41 53122 RR 14, Parkland County and give Melody Wilson a call at 780-945-7821 for more details!

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